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Awesome game

Improves my spelling.

Please stop forced forfeit

I have been playing this game for years. I gave up words with friends because they introduced ways to cheat with tokens and allow words not allowed in Scrabble. I usually play each day, but if I miss a day, I shouldn’t be punished with a lowered rating. I think there are some players who purposely find people they can force forfeit to improve their score. I was sick for one day and returned to see that 3 games were force forfeited. Either allow players to opt out of this or stop it altogether. It makes sense if the game is a timed one-where it is understood or required that players must make moves quickly. But in the regular game, it is unfair!

Still scores end-of-game wrong

Even after 5+ years on the market, this game still has the bug of awarding points at the end of a game to the wrong player. When I am playing against 3 computer players, then if I go out, then about half the time the points from other players’ hands are awarded to another player and not me.

Not as good a free version. Cannot use on multiple devices.

I have been using the free version for years and it is excellent except for the ads. I did a Google search for scrabble with no ads and this is what the site says: “Download SCRABBLE Premium and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.” So I downloaded and paid the $7.99 fee on my iPad but I cannot use it on my iPhone without paying the fee again. This is false advertising. The free version on my iPad can be played in landscape with the dictionary open alongside the board. The paid version can only be played in portrait mode which means I now have to keep toggling back and forth between the board and the dictionary. I have a Smart Cover on my iPad which means I can no longer play scrabble with the iPad standing on the table. I have to hold it in portrait mode which is extremely uncomfortable. So I feel I have paid money to get less. I will revert to the free version and put up with the ads. $7.99 wasted.


Not a bad game but ea wants you to log in through Facebook so they make it extremely difficult to play with just an Origen account. You are logged out everyone you leave the game. To log in you have to type your entire e-mail and an 8 digit password that includes both numbers and upper and lower case letters. You can’t copy and paste and the app my phone has for remembering passwords doesn’t work with this game. That’s an awful lot of work to go through just to enter one word for my turn. I’m guessing that the insistence on Facebook is somehow tied in to tracking my data or marketing and I don’t see a need for it. I just want to play scrabble. Try words with friends. Much better.

Is there a no ads version?

If I see John Cena on my screen one more time I will scream. Must flush the app from memory, then I don’t get the use of the teacher. Is there a no ads version?

Facebook or Origin requires tinplate with a friend

I don’t like that this requires FB or Origin to play with a friend. Honestly... I would love a simple version to play via iMessage.

Log in issue

Update March 12, 2018. Are used to love this game now I can’t stand it. Playing the game is the same but the login is that. This game logged you out everyday. So everyday you have to remember to log back in. So if your playing someone you will forget that is your turn because the game does not notify you because you are logged out. November 2017This game does not stay log in. Every other day I have to re-log in.

The Complete Scrabble Experience

If you enjoy Scrabble, this is the best nine dollars you’ll ever spend. With a built-in dictionary to check words and the ability to play others in person or online, as well as to play against the computer (with the option of tutoring as to the word you should have chosen), this is the complete and convenient way to play the game.


Awesomely amazing and fun game

I cant play! Network error

Used to love playing this game. The suggested players should not be at the top, I always accidently start games I do not want to play, there is not enough room to place finger to refresh the game. It is very slow to load and crashes after every turn I take. It also used to freeze my iPod while loading, onetime licking up for almost 2 hours

Horrible customer support

I pay eight dollars for this game, my wife downloads it with family sharing. It does NOT WORK with multi player. Customer support said don’t use Origin to does not work for scrabble so I was told to use Facebook instead. I’m always account scrabble can’t see her friends. I call back customer support and then they told me not to use Facebook because Origin doesn’t work and they didn’t know what to do. THIS IS A USELESS APP!!!

No connection

After update can’t get into game. Game says no connection. This seems to happen after every update! VERY FRUSTRATING!!!!!!!

Stopped working on iPhone

The app freezes multiple times per game and won’t unlock unless I restart the phone.

3 or 4 player game

In the past, there was the ability to play multi-player games and was really enjoyable to play with 2 or 3 other participants. That went away over a year ago (probably more). I stopped playing since that happened. Any chance this will be resurrected in future versions? I really miss it.

support stinks for fixing bugs on Scrabble!!!

Had to cancel Scrabble account as I couldn’t get help with bug that wouldn’t allow me to keep playing. “Unable to connect with server” & “online games unavailable”. Had recently updated Scrabble. Refreshed iPad. Tried to get help on Thumbs down with that....

Such missed opportunity

For tournament or serious players, the useless stats and lack of challenge mode are very annoying (see WordBiz for how its done). Use NSA ratings, show me average points per turn, per game, etc. In single player mode the computer sometimes passes for no good reason.

Games won’t load

Update Feb 24, 2018 - had to delete and re-download again because my games stopped loading. Again. The game works okay but the notification wont go away after I have taken my turn. This is obnoxious. I sent in a big report a week ago and no response. Hoping maybe writing the review will make the notification go away. Update February 2018 - just deleted and reinstalled game because games won’t load... Update as of July 2017 - now there are no notifications when the other player has played their turn. Why does this game have to always be broken? Update Dec 2017 - I have to delete and reinstall this game on my iPhone at least once a month because the games won’t load or notifications stop working. It would be awesome if this game worked. This has been going on for years.

Unable to invite others

I am unable to invite friends to play a game. When I click on ‘Find player’ - no keyboard comes up for me to key in a player name. Similar problem on my wife’s phone. On her the keyboard pops up but after she puts my ‘origin’ username - nothing happens. It doesn’t search.

So fun

Love it so easy lots of fun to play

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