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Updates improved performance

Latest updates have fixed the loading problems. Thanks EA for listening to the reviewers. I’d still like to see some more meaningful stat tracking (games over time or maybe by week, month, year with bar charts) instead of a pie chart which after years of play against a single opponent, never moves. Good game though.

Dont upgrade to this version.

Updated: 12/12/17 The latest update in October 2017 did nothing to solve the problems described below but apparently EA saw the original review and asked me to upgrade. The app was auto updated in October and this did not solve the problem. It’s not clear that Scrabble Premium is different than what is on my device. I’m not will to risk $8 to install an app (again?) that may not differ in any way from what is currently installed. My opponent had to create a fake FB account just to appear as a possible opponent in my list. Her real account has not appeared as a player choice for me for years. There’s no way I’m risking falling another similar situation by deleting and reinstalling the app. We can play now and it’s not worth the hassle of having to create more fake FB accounts just to play Scrabble. Original review: There is no answer as to why not all of my FB friends names appear as potential Scrabble opponents. The customer service responses read like autobot replies (trust me and just google it). Its Scrabble, people. The board looks like the board and the tiles look like the tiles. But if you want to play that one person whose name isnt appearing in the app as a potential opponent, youre out of luck getting that issue addressed. The owner of the board game (Hasbro? Parker Bros.?) should sue EA for incompetence and get some programmers that know what the heck theyre doing. I wish you luck.

Glad to see it’s working again!

Thank you!


Another update; another fail!!!! I havent been able to start a new game since the new update. I had 28 active games and got a message saying I was at the limit for starting new games. (The limit is 50) I am now down to 19 games and still getting the message. This is an old problem that happened on an update last year, was fixed and now recurring again. Support seems nonexistent. Hello EA, is anyone listening???? If you havent updated yet, dont!! Unfortunately I have my devices set to update automatically so I am stuck with this nightmare. Epic fail!!! Wow! I wrote this in March and got a response from the developer six hours ago! Nothing like taking 9 months for an answer. I could have created a human being in that timeframe. As far as the suggestion that if I’m still having problems just go to their website and ask for help, I opened several cases on their website before issuing the review in March. They gave no answers but just kept closing my cases. Life’s too short, EA.

Fix origin to find friends

We loved scrabble even bought the paid version now we can’t find our friends on origin....this needs to be fixed ASAP. Everyone doesn’t have Facebook. We don’t do Facebook and we would appreciate if you would fix the app to find our friends in origin. Please and Thank you


Since when are Irish and Cuba not recognized words. God only knows what else is missing. Suggested words are truly bizarre

Slow app

Its slow and the menus are not obvious.

Log in issues resolved.

Update: The app does not remember log in information. I have to log in every time I use the app despite checking the “Remember me” box. (Old): The origin log in issue has been resolved. Good customer support communication after asking for help online. Now you log in with EA account. But app still requires you to log in after a day. And despite a “remember me” check box, it does not remember me. Also there are too many notifications that are unrelated to game play. (Older):Cannot log in or access games. Games have disappeared. All attempts to log in have error message: "Incorrect email or password".

Cannot connect to server – please pics immediately

For two days I cannot access any of my games


“Jihad” “Haj” and other Muslim words and places are allowed, while Christian words like “Christ” and “Jesus” are not. Biased slant in favor of words not English. The Official English version of Scrabble is not this. This version is subversive, intentionally barring American words like “hotdog.” Has anyone else noticed this bias, too? I still enjoy playing.


Hello, everyone! I purchased SCRABBLE Premium with high hopes, but also reluctance at $7.99(if I remember correctly); but honestly, I was fairly disappointed and underwhelmed by this application. If SCRABBLE Premium wants to compete with a well-known SCRABBLE inspired application(which is unfortunately better at this point), the producers of this app should seriously step their game up. For instance, this game should have an actual dictionary and not something which says its a dictionary, but truly only tells you if the word you search for is, in fact, a word. That is the only SERIOUS thing this game is lacking, I think; but I do wish there would be some surprises in the updates to come. Maybe you all could add different game boards, avatars, or rewards of some sort. I only review and apps to offer advice on improvement!!! If this app is improved even slightly I believe if could surpass the dominance of its well known rival and reign "King of Word Games" as its popularity should afford.

Love it

I love this game on my iPhone but not on my iPad. Too many adds.

Position of recall button

Position of “recall” button is right next to “send” button. Causes a lot of accidental “plays” when you really want to hit “recall”.


Far too many bugs & irritations. Less ease of use, less fun. Game improved for a few days but now won’t work at all. Disappointing!

Logs out of Origin account all the time!

This app simply refuses to retain my Origin login information. That means I never get notifications for opponents’ moves and have to log in every other day to see if a move was made. In my opinion that makes this app unusable and therefore deserving of one star. Sad, because I really prefer the original Scrabble board to Words with Friends.

Love them game, cannot connect with friends on Origin.

I have an Origins account, as does my brother, but the app will not let me type in his name when I select ‘play with friends’. They keyboard will not pop up. How do I challenge him in scrabble?

Not very stable

I play on iPhone and iPad. It’s not uncommon for the game to load and be missing previously played letters on the board. To fix it I need to uninstall the app and reinstall it. Happens weekly. Pretty annoying. Otherwise a good game.

A bit ridiculous...

It’s a bit ridiculous that, every now and then, the app needs to be deleted and reinstalled in order to connect to Facebook. Other than that, it’s a great app.

New glitch since update

I used to be able to go from the game to the two word list without it resetting my board. Now I have to re-place my tiles every time I look at the two word list.

Love it, but ....

My first review is below. I had a chance to review again but only my old review popped up. Every other time I had a chance to review it said I hadn’t purchased the game. My friends and I had so much trouble with our games we’ve gone back to playing WWFriends. The game finally has let me log in again, but only the one with all the ads. I can’t get back to the other one. I love the game, but there’s just too many problems with the Scrabble app. The new update is OK & I do love playing the game with friends, my sister and my Niece. It seems to take two taps to play my word though. And seems a bit slow to load the game. Chat is still there if you sign in. That is such an important feature. Its fun to keep in touch with people wherever they are on the continent. However, too often, even if Ive signed in, I dont see my friends by name, just Guest#. Its no fun playing against a numbered guest! Otherwise I would have rated it 5 stars. Several years ago my sister was able to choose an icon to go with her name. Ive never found it but would like to be able to personalize my game as well. I am addicted to this game! Ive learned some new words from the Teacher (although I miss the faces!) and love the Shuffle feature as well. I upgraded right away so I can play without ads. They just slow down the fun. :)

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